Natural Way to Reduce Underarm Over Sweating

If you are suffering from over sweating in your armpit, you might be suffering in your social life too. The most natural way to fight this medical condition is to make some changes on your lifestyle. While the lifestyle change is easy, you need to know what in your lifestyle you need to change in order for you to achieve a sweat-free underarm.

Food Intake

Want to get away with over sweating armpits? Control your food intake. Try to come up with healthier diets avoiding spicy and heavily-processed meals. Excessive amounts of onion, garlic, and fish affects your odor while spicy foods make you sweat more. If you can't live without consuming these foods, reduce your intake.

Trim Underarm hair

If you want to lessen the odor in your armpits, shaving off the armpit hair limits amount of stuck sweat in the area. This does not stop over sweating but trimming your armpits allows your underarm to dry faster when you sweat.

Wear breathable clothes

Remember to wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe. If you suffer from over sweating, avoid tops that are body fit and sticks to the armpit. Your dress will easily absorb the moisture and the sweat stain is not good to look at. Look for clothes that are made of cotton. To avoid the sweat stain from forming in your dress, wear an undershirt.

Seek for natural treatments first

There are varieties of natural treatments in the market today. Some treatments have worked for some people in their fight against underarm over sweating. These treatments have no side effects since they are non-evasive and natural.

On Medical alternatives

If natural treatments and antiperspirants won't work, resort to Botox or surgery but only if you don't have any other choice and the doctor already recommends this kind of operation. Botox halts underarm over sweating by blocking the glands from producing sweat. Botox is injectable and can last for six months. Surgery is just as expensive as Botox with success rate of only 30%.

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