Holistic Cure for Over Sweating

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a total headache for persons who constantly need to socialize. Aside from the social implications, people suffering from over sweating experience mental and emotional stress.

It is really awkward communicating with people if you know that your armpit is wet and the blotch is visible on your shirt. It is not a good idea either to shake hands with someone if you know that your palms are wet. There is no particular cure that solves the condition in general. However, there are holistic approaches to cure your over sweating problem

When your armpits are wet, you can't hide it. You and your acquaintances will really see evidence on your shirt. Sweaty armpits are not good to look at and in most cases, bad to smell as odor-causing bacteria love moist warm places.

The same embarrassment goes when you have very sweaty palms. You tend to always wipe your hand on your shirt and trousers before offering a handshake. You can easily hide palms that are over sweating however you can't hide the head sweating. When trickles of sweat drop from your forehead, you can't easily hide that.

We have collated two approaches for you to follow in order to reduce the over sweating in a holistic manner.

Holistic Medicines

It is true that what we eat greatly affects the physiology of the body. Food intake has a great impact in lessening the amount of sweat the body produces. Take natural tincture and treatments from herbs. Taking natural remedies help minimizing over sweating greatly. Do not resort to artificial means like antiperspirants, Botox, and surgery without using natural methods first.


Sweating, as we know, is the cooling mechanism of the body. Over sweating is more of a psychological condition of the body. Try to remember the conditions wherein you remember that your body is more comfortable that it does not sweat. Think of these conditions and embrace them. In no time, you will observe the over sweating is minimized. The more you are thinking about your condition, the more it will trigger excessive sweat.

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