Armpit Over sweating Treatment - Could Botox be the answer?

It is normal for adults to sweat especially in the underarm. However for those who suffer axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive armpit sweating, perspiration is a nuisance. Underarm over sweating affects the mental and emotional aspect of the victim. To lessen the stress in the body, doing meditations is recommended. Meditation relaxes the body and maintains the hormonal balance causing to sweat less.

The cause of underarm over sweating is the malfunction of the sympathetic nerves. These nerves are responsible for sending signals to sweat glands to produce perspiration. In this case, the nerves over stimulate the glands. This condition is not dependent on age and gender. Some causes of excessive underarm sweating are hyperhidrodis, anxiety, tension, and genetics. It is a relief to know however that there are ways to overcome this condition.

Underarm over sweating may start during late teen periods and unless you find ways to overcome it, the problem will stay forever.

You have probably heard the do's and don’ts when you are suffering from over sweating. You have been warned not to wear tight clothes. You are discouraged from wearing dark-colored clothes. You are prohibited from eating spicy foods. There are many things that you are ought not to do. These rules lower our self esteem.

Now a new solution is offered in the market. By injecting Botox (or botulinium toxin A) in the armpit, you are assured a sweat-free underarm for at least 6 months. The whole operation takes about 30 minutes. Before the whole operation, the doctor will request you to apply some topical local anaesthetic cream on the affected area to reduce pain.

What the Botox treatment does is block the nerve endings which disable the sweat production of sweat glands. Unfortunately, new nerve endings will form in months and the effect will eventually wear off. If you are unwilling to spend a generous amount just to undergo this procedure, Botox is discouraged as this requires expensive maintenance.

People who have undergone such operation observed 85% less sweating. The downside of the product is its expense and the pain you will have to suffer during the whole operation. If you don't not want to pay the expensive price, there is a better solution, a natural solution to fight sweating, check out Stop Sweating and Start Living.